Features Edit

Low ammunition and accuracy makes this weapon not the best of submachine guns. But with a silencer you can conduct a secret fire, which increases the chances of destroying the enemy.

Modification Edit

Modification Cost
Silencer Gold mastery

Silencer (weakens the sound of the shot and hides the muzzle flash)

IRL Edit

PP-91 "Cedar" (Design by Evgeny Dragunov)

The submachine gun, developed in the early 1990s by the order of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs on the basis of the earlier PP-71 design by EFDragunov. The automation of the submachine gun is based on the use of the free shutter energy. The trigger-trigger mechanism of the trigger type, which allows firing in single and automatic mode. The cartridges are fed from a two-row box magazine. To increase the stability during shooting, the submachine gun is equipped with a shoulder stop, folded over the receiver