This mode is designed for a maximum number of 10 players, set in a vast, randomly generated map referred to as the Conflict Area. Unlike in other modes, weapons and ammunition are found through exploration. Players only have one life, akin to the battle royale style of gameplay, although one has the option to invite a partner via Steam.

escape from conflict zone are awarded with 1000 roubles. The possibility to leave opens after receiving a token after killing the enemy, or when there are two players alive in the zone. Players leaving this way will retain any roubles, containers or mission items found throughout the map.

Another feature of this game mode is the option to complete missions for various in-game rewards, usually additional roubles or containers. Missions require players to bring certain items from the conflict area, such as specific weapons, ammunition or food items.

The Free Game is divided into two large locations - the Forest and the Main map, between which there are transitions: gate and tunnel.

The Main Map LocationsEdit

Bunker Edit

  • To enter the Bunker itself you need to find a flashdrive with the password.
  • Inside you can find food , rare weapons (commonly RPG, RG-6, DVL-10 and SVD), bullets,Grenades(M67), and Claymores.
  • Also there is a locked safe that contains 400 RU, a helmet, armored vests,and a quest item "Documents"
  • Also to turn on the lift you need 3 Fuses that are scattered around in the bunker
  • If you need advice for cracking safes, check out this Guide.

Apartments Edit

5 floored building with apartments that can be looted. some rooms can be entered/exited through a window but there is a couple rooms that can only be accessed through the window and there is one locked room that needs a key to open. Under the building is a basement that sometimes has an exit.

Armored Vehicle (BTR) Edit

A Hill that has a Armored Vehicle (BTR). On the right to it there is a small building with container inside that has loot. On the left is just flat ground.

School Edit

A building build out of red bricks inside are some Containers with loot. It has two entrances. On the left is a Green Wagon.

Bridge Edit

Fire Station Edit

Garages Edit

The Forest Map LocationsEdit

Radio tower Edit

Lab Edit

This location is for the precursor quest. Inside the tunnel is a lot of Toxic Waste that will kill you if you dont have the Hazmat suit equipped. If you dont have the Hazmat suit equipped inside you will die very fast. if you dont want this to happen you need to call in a support helicopter with a Flare Gun. It will drop 3 crates. It will probably contain following items.

This location is pretty big. Inside you can find a Fridge with Food and a locked safe inside of the safe is: A bandage,2 Canned Food, 2 Flashbangs, Scout and 20 7,62 х 51 mm bullets.

Construction Edit

Barn Edit


Warehouse Edit

Forest ShelterEdit

Transitional LocationsEdit

Gate Edit

Tunnel Edit