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The predecessor of the M14 EBR, itself strongly resembles SVU or VSS due to the high rate of fire, medium damage and low return.

Together with a silencer and a roomy magazine for 20 rounds (when installing modifications) is almost the best choice when fighting the enemy at medium range, in confined spaces or behind enemy lines.

In fact, it is an assault automatic rifle, but in the game it belongs to the class of sniper rifles and has only a single shooting mode.

An excellent choice for any player.

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M14 - American automatic rifle, which was in service with the US Army in 1950-1960. Although the M14 has largely been replaced with rifles of the M16 family, it remains in service with the Marine Corps and the US Navy, as well as armies of several other states. In general, the M14 rifle at the time of its appearance quite satisfied the US military. It was light enough, had a great effective range of fire, good accuracy and killing of ammunition.

A few lightweight night sights of different magnification, diameter and thickness of the lens of the lens working in the passive mode, to enhance the reflected light of celestial objects (the moon and the starry sky), in addition to the already active active thermal infrared sight, were developed for the rifle.