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M16A2 - the classics of assault rifles. Balanced performance, good pace and shooting cutoffs of 3 rounds - that's what sets this weapon apart from others. It is suggested that you only use the 3 round burst function at close to medium range and switch to semi automatic when engaging targets at longer ranges.

Also, the M16A2 has an already installed grenade launcher.

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Modification Cost
Extended mag 2 Черепки

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IRL Edit

It was created by Armalite to meet the US Army requirement for a new assault rifle, chambered for a new intermediate cartridge. This rifle was designed by Eugene Stoner and designated as the Armalite Rifle 15, or AR-15 for short. It was based on the previous Armalite AR-10 rifle, chambered for 7.62x51 mm ammunition. However the AR-15 was scaled-down, extensively modified and used a new 5.56x45 mm (.223 Remington) ammunition. First Armalite AR-15 rifles were delivered to the US Army for testing in 1958. Initial tests revealed some reliability and accuracy problems. In 1959 due to financial problems all rights for the design of this rifle were sold to a Colt company. Later Eugene Stoner, designer of this rifle, left the Armalite company and joined the Colt company. The Colt company made some modifications to this weapon and in 1962 sent a batch of 1 000 AR-15 assault rifles to Vietnam for field trials and evaluation. In 1964 the US Army and US Air Force officially adopted this rifle as the M16. Shortly after this weapon was adopted by the military, Colt introduced a semi-automatic only version for civil customers and law enforcement forces and also used the AR-15 trademark for this weapon. Currently variants of this assault rifle are still in service with the US Military, as well as over 50 operators worldwide. It is still manufactured in USA, Canada and China.