The M1897 is a pump-action shotgun much like the SPAS-12, it is acquired from the survivor container that is bought with real money (not nuclear material or RU). The M1897 also comes with the survivor outfit and the SKS rifle.

Features Edit

It is an improved copy of SPAS-12.

Excellent shotgun with a little kickback, good accuracy, but slightly reduced damage.

Skins Edit

IRL Edit

Winchester Model 1897 - a shop shotgun (shotgun), developed by John M. Browning.

Technically it is a magazine gun with manual recharging with the help of a mobile back-forward fore-end ("pump" gun). The technical feature of this model is the presence of a shock-trigger mechanism with an open trigger. This allowed to carry weapons with a cartridge in the chamber and the triggered trigger for a long time.

The Winchester Model 1897 shotgun became a landmark in the history of smooth-bore small arms, as it was the first smoothbore gun with recharging by means of a longitudinally moving forearm. This is also one of the most successful, so-called "pump" guns, and one of the best military shotguns used in the armed forces. The Winchester Model 1897 gun also became the most popular shotgun of its type in the US civilian weapons market, seriously pushing the double-barrels. The high quality of this weapon, as well as its combat and service-operational qualities, contributed to high demand. It was a fundamentally new model with completely new, for smooth-bore weapons, characteristics, which made a huge step in the development of shotguns.