Features Edit

Hand grenade launcher, so far the only one in the vast game. It has a huge damage and the ability to destroy blocks. It can be obtained for 16 units of nuclear material after reaching the level of Sergeant. Despite all the parameters, it should be used carefully: often the shot killed the shooter.

Modification Edit

Modification Cost
Optical Scope 3Черепки

Optical Scope (increases sight by +25 )

Skins Edit

Interesting fact Edit

  • The speed of the flight of the projectile is greatly underestimated in comparison with real life.
  • It has a recharge bug: when a shot is fired at the feet, the projectile that the player takes from the backpack will hang in the air.
  • It is sensitive to the box with cartridges. From it you can take a few extra grenades.
  • If you take an additional store, another grenade will appear in the inventory.
  • Often, blocks do not break, unlike RG-6.
  • Strange, but when flying a projectile, it flies in a parabola. In real life it is so, however the flight angle is much lower than in the game.

IRL Edit

Soviet reusable anti-tank grenade launcher. Designed to combat tanks, self-propelled artillery installations and other enemy armored vehicles, it can be used to destroy enemy personnel in shelters, as well as to combat low-flying air targets. Developer GSKB-47 and adopted in 1961. Issued more than 9 million RPG-7.