Features Edit

The main feature is a high rate of fire, allowing to surpass in the firepower of most assault rifles and light weight. The disadvantages of this weapon is the absence of an installed silencer, which does not allow using it for stealth tactics, a high drop in damage at a distance, and small ammunition. The maximum effective tactic of using CP-3 is to occupy key points due to the low weight of weapons and fight against small enemy groups (1-2 people).

Modifications Edit

Modification Cost
Extended magazine 1Черепки
"Cobra" sight 1Черепки

IRL Edit

SR-3 "Vikhr" - a compact Russian rifle, developed in the designers A. D. Borisov and V. N. Levchenko. It was brought to the release of the designer AI Tashlykov and was launched into batch production. It was created on the basis of a silent automatic rifle AS "Val", with which it is unified for basic details, which positively affects the production and operation of weapons.