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The rifle has the advantages of both its "colleagues" in the class - it has an integrated muffler, like BCC, and firepower comparable to SVD.

These advantages compensate for the strong drop in damage at a distance, which makes it comfortable to use this rifle only at medium and short distances, despite the fact that it is a sniper weapon. However, in the skilful hands of IEDs - this is a universal weapon capable of stably killing at any distance.

☀Aim Distance: 55 Brick

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The SVU has an installed sniper scope and an integrated muffler.

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The development of a shortened sniper rifle based on the SVD, intended for the Airborne Forces, began at the TsKIB SOO in the 1970-x, but it did not come to industrial production. In the early 1990-x, the rifle was offered to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia as a sniper weapon for urban conditions. The Ministry of Internal Affairs adopted the SVU for armament, and also required the development of a variant with the possibility of firing bursts. Is in service with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus