Guaranteed drop from the Red Container #2

Features Edit

One of the worst assault rifles in the game. Although it has low recoil, it also has- low damage, poor accuracy and a terrible rate of fire, which makes this weapon a poor option for a comfortable game.

Modifications Edit

This weapon cannot be modified

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IRL Edit

StG 44 (German Sturmgewehr 44 - assault rifle in 1944) is a German submachine gun developed during the Second World War. About 450 thousand pieces were produced. Among the automated rifles of the modern type, it was the first development to be mass produced.

From the submachine guns (PPSh, etc.) of the Second World War, it differs by a considerably greater range of aimed fire, primarily by using the so-called intermediate 7.92×33mm Kurz‎. cartridge, more powerful, and with better ballistics than the pistol cartridges used in submachine guns at the time.