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It has a very low rate of fire and a high return, but it compensates for this with high damage and very fast (for a machine gun) reloading. With a double magazine, it has a 1 second reloading record for its class, which, taking into account the high damage and good accuracy of shooting, makes it a very deadly weapon.

Modifications Edit

Modification Сost
Double store 2 Черепки
Larger store 2 Черепки


1 Черепки

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IRL Edit

The equipment of the armed forces of Vietnam includes Kalashnikov PKK light machine guns, developed in the Soviet Union. In Vietnam, light machine guns are also supplied from China, for example, the version of the Soviet machine gun Degtyarev of the RPD model, which was produced there under the name of the 56 machine gun, as well as the Chinese 67 machine gun developed by the designers.

The Vietnamese defense industry also produced TUL 1 light machine guns. They were filled with short 7.62 × 39mm cartridges of the Soviet M43. True, apparently not standard shops for 40 rounds were used, as in the Kalashnikov RPK machine gun, but only drum shops - for 75 patrons.